3M Adjustable Monitor Stand Review

3M Adjustable Monitor Stand with Monitor

3M Adjustable Monitor Stand – The Best Seller

3M is one of the leading manufacturers of products that are usually used in the office. These products range from simple post-it products and scotch tapes to laminating systems and computer accessories. It is also the manufacturer of leading 3M adjustable monitor stand in the market.

Speaking of the 3M adjustable monitor stand, it is the kind of accessory that you will need at home but mostly at the office. After all, this accessory allows you to properly position the computer monitor on a stand. It is easier to layout the interior design of the office or the home when there is a stand where the monitor can be placed. One of the best adjustable monitor stands available in the market nowadays is the 3M adjustable monitor stand.




Varied Width

The said home and office accessory can be used to accommodate different sized monitors. Users can choose to have the 15-inch wide stand. Aside from the standard 15-inch wide stand, you are able to choose the ones with 16-inches width and 20-inches width for your adjustable monitor stand.

Contemporary Design

This particular home and office accessory have a contemporary design that matches with any interior with a modern take. It has several stacking columns that easily raise the monitor from one inch to 5 7/8-inches, via 1 5/8-inches increment. By adjusting the columns, the user can find the height that ergonomically fits well.

Storage Space

The 3M adjustable stand is rather unique in that it also features a storage space. The storage space is located right underneath the table surface, which then promotes the optimization of desk space. This storage space is about 11-inches.



Accommodates 80 Pounds of Weight

The adjustable monitor stand is durable enough to handle electronics with a weight of up to 80lbs. The monitor is not the only one you can use this stand for. It is great for laptops and printers too.

With Non-Skid Legs

The stand has non-skid legs. These non-skid legs are what keeps the stand in its rightful place. The stand will not move regardless of how heavy the weight of the electronics is or how smooth the surface is.



No USB Ports

Other stands nowadays already have a USB port. However, the 3M model do not have one. This is one of the drawbacks of using this particular stand.

Pure Plastic

The top of the base is made with plastic material. It might become a cause of concern for some people. Others prefer not to use plastic for their stand, after all.


If you are looking for an affordable electronic stand that can be used for your computers, laptops, or television, then the 3M model is the best one for you to purchase. It is not only affordable, it is quite durable as well as long as the user follows how it is supposed to be used. The adjustable height is also what makes the perfect difference of the 3M model against its competitors. It should be the kind of home and office accessory that you should invest your money on since it is worth it.


3M Adjustable Monitor Stand











  • Weight
  • Non-Skid Legs


  • No USB Ports
  • Pure Plastic

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