Allsop Large Metal Art Monitor Stand Review

allsop large metal art monitor stand

The simply Metal Art Monitor Stand

Allsop is well renowned for their dedication in providing office solutions. They are creating products which will surely be useful to their customers. With the good designs and quality materials used to create such products, this brand is surely something that you may consider.

If you are thinking about purchasing a monitor stand, then, you should take a look at the product that Allsop is offering which is the Allsop Large Metal Art Monitor Stand. There are a lot of features that can be offered by the item to the individual who will be using it. The advantages and disadvantages of utilizing such item should not be taken for granted, though.


Features of the Art Monitor Stand

Weight or Loading Capacity

The loading capacity of this specific stand is 50 pounds. In that case, as long as it does not exceed such number, the product will be able to accommodate and hold any electronic item that you will be putting on top of it.

Good Ergonomic Height

With this feature, the art monitor stand is raising the electronic item, such as a computer monitor, to a level that is comfortable and ergonomic for a user like you whenever you will be viewing the screen. In this case, neck strains can be reduced, if not totally eliminated.

Perforated Hole Pattern

Keeping the electronic items cool will help them to function properly. In that case, passive airflow is necessary for such electronic items. This specific model has a perforated hole pattern, allowing passive airflow that is needed by any electronic item.

Simple Curved Design with Coated-Powder Finish

With such design and finish, it will surely be adding to the beauty of the area where you are typically performing your work.

Non-Skid Protective Feet

Scratches and scuffing can be avoided due to the presence of non-skid protective feet of the item. Surely, scratches and scuffing can create an unpleasant look to the eye of the viewer. The beauty of your workplace may be destroyed by such things.


+ Pros

Space Underneath Product

Due to the design of the art monitor stand, it creates enough space below the platform for storing some things. For instance, you can be sliding your computer keyboard under the platform whenever it will not be utilized anymore.


This product is versatile. It is not only ideal for computer monitors. This is also great for laptops, printers, fax machines, televisions, media players, stereos, and gaming consoles, among others.


The platform of the item is very sturdy and it can support certain weights of specific electronic items up to 70 pounds.


– Cons

Chipping of Paint

At times, the paint of the item may be chipped off. Such situation will surely create an unpleasant scene on your workspace.



All in all, this model is a good quality product which you should be taking into great consideration when you will be looking for a art monitor stand. It should also be among the top of your priority list. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages should be able to help you to decide on your purchase.

Allsop Large Metal Art Monitor Stand











  • Space Underneath Product
  • Versatility
  • Sturdy


  • Chipping of Paint

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