Allsop Large Metal Art Monitor Stand Review

allsop large metal art monitor stand

The brand Allsop is a known name among many individuals in the market. Computer accessories are being manufactured by this company. The company is also famous for designing products that are of good qualities and are very useful to their target market. They aim to provide products that offer convenience and functionality to their customers.

One known product under this brand is the Allsop Large Metal Art Monitor Stand. It is used as a riser for computer monitors specifically designed to offer an ergonomic benefit to the user who will be taking a look at the screen. It aims to help the user in minimizing neck strains while he or she will be doing his work on his desk.



Loading Capacity

This monitor stand is capable of holding up to 50 pounds of weight. In that case, it will be able to hold monitors that weigh less than or approximately 50 pounds.

Unique Design

This product has been designed to have some space created under its platform. The keyboard of your computer can be placed or stored inside the space that have been created so that it will not be in your way if you will not be using such keyboard.

Non-Skid Protective Feet

With its non-skid protective feet, you can be sure that the whole monitor stand will be staying in its place. Aside from that, the surface of the desk, or any other similar piece of furniture, will not get scratched nor scuffed.

Perforated Hole Pattern

This monitor stand also features the perforated hole pattern to accommodate passive airflow. This is to help cool down the electronic item that is on top of the stand so that it can function properly.


+ Pros


A computer monitor is not the only thing that can be placed atop this product. It is also an ideal item for lifting televisions, laptops, stereos, media players, and printers, among other things.


It is a sturdy product so you can have an assurance that the item that will be placed on top of it will be supported. However, it should not be exceeding the loading capacity if you do not want both the monitor stand and your electronic item to incur damages.


– Cons

Chipped and Uneven Paint

At times, when you receive the package, you will notice that the paint has been chipped off or uneven. In that case, it will surely not be pleasant to look at, especially if you will be displaying it on your desk or table.



There surely are a lot of features which this specific model can offer to any user, just like yourself. In your case, you will be able to start taking advantage of these features if you decide to purchase such model. However, it is important that you will be weighing down the pros and the cons of utilizing this product first before you even place an order so that regrets with your purchase can be avoided. Once you have it, you must always refer to your manual for its installation.











  • Versatility
  • Sturdy


  • Chipped and Uneven Pain

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