Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand Review

dell dual monitor stand

High Quality Dual Monitor Stand from Dell

Dell is more well-known as a manufacturer of laptops. However, the products that are manufactured by this company is not limited to computers and laptops. Computer accessories and office furniture like the monitor stands are also some of the offered products of Dell. In fact, Dell is getting more and more well-known due to their quality desktop stands.

One quality desktop stand from Dell that is worth all attention is the Dell MDS14 dual monitor stand. This monitor stand is perfect when you have two monitors you want to mount on the desktop stand. It is highly adjustable so you do not have to worry about how ergonomic it is. The quality of the Dell MDS14 dual monitor stand can be defined by its features.


Features of the Dual Monitor Stand

Quality Adjustments

The adjustments available with this particular stand has adjustments for its height, swivel, and tilt. These adjustments are available for both monitors you can mount on the stand, irregardless of whether or not they are of the same size. The two monitors can be easily slid laterally, thus ensuring these two monitors are on the same plane at all times.

VESA Adapter Plate

The Dell MDS14 dual monitor stand has a VESA adapter plate. This plate is included already with the stand. With the plate, the stand can easily accommodate all VESA-compliant monitors. This stand should be capable of supporting displays of up to 14.3 pounds, with screen sizes of up to 24 inches.

Integrated Cable Management

With this stand, you can enjoy an integrated cable management feature. This is hidden within the slot found in the riser of the stand. You can neatly stow away your cords and cables through this particular slot, making for a more comfortable and less cluttered work space.

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+ Pros

More Efficient Space Saving Solution

You are actually replacing two stands with just a single one. This means that you will be saving enough space in your work area. The Dell MDS14 dual monitor stand is even more space-efficient because of its U-shaped base. You can use the saved space for placing your reference and writing materials.

Neat Workspace

The workspace will be neater and less cluttered because of the integrated cable management. This is a unique feature only for the MDS14 dual monitor stand.


– Cons

Not Fitting Some VESA Pattern

While the official claims state that the Dell MDS14 dual monitor stand can fit any VESA pattern, there are cases when it is unable to fit the 75mm pattern.

Stand is Bigger

Compared to the models of the same kind, the stand is actually bigger than it looks.



The Dell monitor stand is worth investing your money on considering that it can be adjusted to fit your height. It has a valuable ergonomic quality. In addition, it also has other adjustments necessary for a more comfortable and less cluttered workspace. There are many other things that make the Dell stand worth buying. If you are interested in getting a monitor stand for the office, then this is a perfect choice to take advantage of.

Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand











  • More Efficient Space Saving Solution
  • Neat Workspace


  • Not Fitting Some VESA Pattern
  • Stand is Bigger

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