Dual Monitor Stand from VIVO – Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable Review

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Dual Monitor Stand from VIDO is a Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand, fully adjustable and for heavy LCDs.

VIVO may just be one of the many manufacturers or distributors of home and office furniture but it is also one of the well-trusted brands by the consumers. The designs of their high quality products are built to accommodate the customers‘ needs while keeping the price as low as possible. VIVO supplies appliances, beekeeping supplies, monitor mounts, projector screens, and so much more.

Out of the many products that VIVO is known for, the one that stands out the most is the VIVO dual LCD dual monitor stand. It is the kind of office furniture that is used to position the monitor well, after all. The dual LCD monitor desk stand is perfect for office use simply because of the amazing features it can offer.



Adjustable Monitor Height

A new feature that comes with the VIVO dual LCD dual monitor mount is its adjustable height. This particular model has the ability to lower or raise each monitor’s height within a one-inch range. Unaligned monitors will no longer be a source of annoyance for the user.

Fully Articular Mounts

The mount are designed to have six top joints, each having 180 degree articulation. They can be tightened according to whether you want the arms to be stationary or fluid. This allows the monitor to be positioned comfortably.

Heavy Duty C-Clamp Mounting Bracket

The VIVO dual LCD mount has a mounting C-clamp bracket. It is of heavy duty and easily secures to the edge of the table or desk. It has a thin padding which protects the surface from scratches too.

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+ Pros

Max Screen and Weight Capacity

The VIVO dual LCD dual monitor stand is highly capable of accommodating electronic monitors of up to 27 inches. It can raise and lower a weight of as much as 22 pounds too. These are reasonable specifications worth investing on.

Additional Features

It also has additional features that are worth betting on. For example, you can tilt it to as much as -15 to +15 degrees. The dual monitor stand can also be swiveled and rotated for as much as 360 degrees. Of course, these are additional amazing benefits to the height adjustable feature.

– Cons

Weak Left Side

A lot of complaints come from the left side being too weak. Some say that it sags straight from day one. Others, on the other hand, report that the left side sags after positioning the monitor.

Adjustments Might Be Necessary

There are cases when some minor adjustments must be made. First of all, adjustments has to be made for the sagging left part. The monitor mount may also have other parts that require adjustments.



If you want a dual LCD that can be used to mount your monitor, then better consider the Dual Monitor Stand from VIVO. Of course, choosing the said dual LCD mounting desk is all thanks to its benefits. As long as you are okay with making some minor adjustments, then there should be no problems. You can enjoy the benefits offered by the said furniture then.

VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable











  • Max Screen and Weight Capacity


  • Weak Left Side
  • Adjustments Might Be Necessary

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