Ergotron 33-349-200 WorkFit-S Dual with Worksurface+ Review

Ergotron 33-349-200 WorkFit-S Dual with Worksurface+

One very important need for every workspace is to make them work o fit the ergonomics needs of every employee. One needs to understand that the positioning of the monitors can really affect the comfort and the ease in which employees can work. They have to be at an ideal height if one were to make sure that he is going to have an easier time working with and on them.

This is exactly what one can get from the Ergotron 33-349-200 WorkFit-S Dual with Worksurface+. This is a monitor stand that can be personalized to make it possible for its height to suit the specific needs of the workers. You can choose to sit wherever you want since the monitor stand can be adjusted to suit your sitting or standing needs in the workplace. Moving the keyboard and the display monitors can be done on just a single motion only. So, using the computer for a long period of time is going to be easier and more comfortable.


Features Ergotron 33-349-200 WorkFit-S Dual with Worksurface+

Transform any surface into a working desk

It is easy to get any space transformed into a working, functioning working area. You can use the monitor stand to successfully shift from sitting position to a standing one wherever and whenever you wish to.

Height adjustable workstation

The best feature of this monitor stand of Ergotron is its ability to get your work station adjusted. The keyboard along with the LCD displays can be easily moved through one motion alone. This makes it easier for one to do computer work in such a comfortable manner for a long period of time.

Premium Configurations

The monitor stand includes a workspace that is properly integrated. There is also an additional extra large tray where the keyboard can be positioned.

Get multiple monitors aligned

The design for the stand makes it possible for a user to successfully use multiple monitors in a single work space. This ensures that one can increase the productiveness of his work space through the use of a dual-display station.


+ Pros

Tool-free positioning

The device is designed with adjustment points that are counter balanced. This means that getting them repositioned to a different direction is possible while you work.

Easy Lifting of LCD screen and keyboard

One can easily get the screens and the keyboard moved to the right height. This ensures that they are going to successfully ensure the ergonomic comforts of every user.


– Cons

Needs a bigger base:

The base definitely needs to be bigger. The work surface also requires better support as well.

Danger of hitting objects under the desk when lowering it:

There is a good chance that you may end up hitting the objects that you have placed under the monitor. So, a little care when lowering the desk every time is very important.



Use this device to get any workplace successfully transformed into a desk that can be personalized and which height can be easily adjusted. Users can stay energized, productive, and healthy knowing that they will be able to shift the height of the monitor to ensure that it fits their practical and ergonomic needs. Now, staying in front of the computer for a prolonged time will not be that stressful for you.

Ergotron 33-349-200 WorkFit-S Dual with Worksurface+











  • Tool-free positioning
  • Easy Lifting of LCD screen and keyboard


  • Needs a bigger base
  • Danger of hitting objects under the desk when lowering it

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