360° Swivel Monitor Stand – LapWorks 15″ Heavy Duty Swivel Review

lapwork swivel monitor stand

LapWorks – 360° Swivel Monitor Stand

Many people these days are on the hunt for the right swivel monitor stand that they can use to make it possible for them to get heir monitors adjusted especially where the viewing height is concerned. Different people tend to have different seating heights, this means that they will have different viewing requirements as far as these monitor displays go. Choosing the right stand that allows them to adjust their view is very handy.

The LapWorks 15″ Heavy Duty Swivel swivel monitor stand would be a really good addition to any work environment where computers are significantly used. This is a handy tool that can be used to mount not only computer monitors, but even those large TV screens too.


Features of the 360° Swivel Monitor Stand

Lifetime warranty

Buyers will be given the advantage of buying a swivel monitor stand that is covered by a lifetime warranty. This gives buyers assurance that they are looking at products that are backed by the support provided by the manufactures. This is a swivel monitor stand that is made from ABS materials that are high impact.

Properly tested swivels

Consumers can expected that the products that rte are being supplied with were developed after extensive testing. This is done through 10,000 tests of operations with the use of various loads of varying weights to ensure that it does have the ability to bear the weight that it is specified to bear.

Suitable for various computers and monitors

This is going to be useful for notebook computers as well as TV monitors. So, it is not only good for office settings, but can be right for your entertainment system at home too.


 + Pros

Handy for anything that needs rotating

it is designed to swivel 360 degrees. It can be used to rotate the monitor from side to side too.

Handy for outdoor and indoor use

This is a monitor stand that can be used out of doors and indoors. It is even possible to be use in retails and shop environments and most especially for office settings.

Rubber bumpers

This feature makes it possible for the stand to have a better grip. The rubber bottoms ensure that there is going to be super gripping that is present in the bottom panels.


– Cons

Bearings are thin and made from plastic

This might cause some quality and efficiency issues since the bearings are a little on the flimsy side. This prevents the stand to hold monitors that are heavier in weight.

Can be a little wobbly

There are instances when the way the monitors get mounted on the sound make them appear a little floppy and wobbly. This might cause a problem especially since a workspace needs to be steady and stable at all times.



This is a handy tool for those settings where the display monitor needs to be adjusted constantly. There are a lot of work settings where it is always conducive for users to have the ability to adjust the height of their monitors depending on their working condition. Add to this the fact that the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty and a buyer would get assurance that indeed he is getting his money’s worth.

LapWork - Heavy Duty Swivel











  • Handy for anything that needs rotating
  • Handy for outdoor and indoor use
  • Rubber bumpers


  • Bearings are thin and made from plastic
  • Can be a little wobbly

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