Triple Monitor Stand from EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand Review

EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Stand

Triple Monitor Stand from EZM Deluxe is a Monitor Stand for three Computer Monitors

Many people working in offices these days have to use computers for their day to day task. This also means that they have to stay in front of their monitors for a long period of time. When these displays are not calibrated to fit the height requirements of the user, there is good chance that people will strain their eyes, damage their back, hart their neck, and even cause pain on their shoulders. This is why many people tend to use a triple monitor stand to allow them to adjust their monitors’ heights.
This is what the EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand does. This is a computer monitor stand that is designed to ensure that one has a monitor stand that is designed t be ergonomic and high quality. Now, he can use a fixture that will make it a possibility for him to successfully lower or raise these monitors in accordance to the sitting or standing needs of every worker.



Supports the setup of multiple monitors

This is a triple monitor stand that allows one to setup up to three widescreen monitors with 27 to 28 inches are easy to set up using this stand. These monitors can be set up side by side.

Individual adjustment for each of the monitor’s viewing height

One if the best thing about the triple monitor stand is the fact that one does not need to have to move all the monitors when adjusting the height, one can just go ahead and choose to adjust the height of only one and leave the rest as they are now.

Easy to facilitate screens of varying dimensions

Users do not really have to make sure that the screens are of the same dimensions and the same size. They can be if varying dimensions and they will work just fine. Also, they can be angled towards the user so they can firm that cockpit curved style that enhances comfortable viewing.

Setting Up Video

+ Pros

Has the 360 degree rotating

The mounting head is designed to rotate both counter clockwise and clockwise. It can even accommodate both the portrait and the landscape modes.

Has an outside mounting

The design allows the computer monitor stand to tilt the heads up or down, left or right, or clockwise and counter clockwise. The same hold true for the center mounting too.

Heavyweight metal for the base

The design offers a sturdy base. This also ensures that installation only takes a few minutes to complete.


– Cons

May not curve sufficiently

There are customers that have complained about how the monitors may not curve the way they would refer it to. This can affect the overall viewing efficiency.

Can be too much for widescreens

The way the stand is designed may make it too much for three screens with 27 inch dimension each. It may not be able to hold these monitors effectively.

Monitors can be hard to align

It could be tough to get the monitors aligned to ensure that they can be used for surround playing.


A lot of the buyers that will try out this stand will find that they can actually do what they are expected to do. They are sturdy enough, but may have issues when it comes to long-time use. This is not surprising though as most of the stands that the market offers these days can be subject to wear and tear. This is quite handy especially if you want to optimize your multiple monitor experience.











  • Has the 360 degree rotating
  • Has an outside mounting
  • Heavyweight metal for the base


  • May not curve sufficiently
  • Can be too much for widescreens
  • Monitors can be hard to align

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