VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Fully Adjustable/Tilt Review

vivo single monitor arm stand

Managing the height of the monitor display in your computers at work is a task that you need to take really seriously, you need to understand that the efficiency and comfort in which you can get your work done can be dictated by the way these devices are angled and positioned. Finding the right monitor mount that is most appropriate for the kind of computing work that you do is very important.

A good solution for your needs for a monitor mount would be the offering from VIVO. The VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Fully Adjustable/Tilt is one single monitor mount that you would not want to miss out, made from aluminum and grade steel, this is a monitor mount that can support an LCD monitor with dimensions of 13 to 27 inches. It is able to support a monitor that can weigh up to 22 pounds.



Can adjust how fluid and stationary the monitor is

One only needs to tighten the joint to adjust this. There is a cap on the joint and it just needs to be removed so the bolt can be successfully tightened underneath.

Easy mounting of the monitor

This monitor mount makes it easier for users to get heir monitors mounted through the use of a VESA plate, I this detachable and it helps get the monitor screwed into place, back towards the frame of its stand.

Allows the monitor to be tilted into different angles

This allows users to successfully get their displays tilted in such angles that allow them to maximize their ease and comfort when on the computer. This is a good thing since not every one has the same height or has the same working height where they feel most at ease when staring at their monitors or working on their keyboards.


+ Pros

Can be swiveled and rotated

The design of the monitor mount allows for it to swivel and rotate 360 degrees.

Reliable C clamp

This makes it possible for the monitor to stay in place when it is mounted on the monitor mount. Thus, one is sure that it is going to stay intact and sturdy the entire time.

Cable management system

This is a feature that makes it possible for you to successfully get the cables under control. This way, they can be kept out of the way, off of your workspace for better organization.


– Cons

Limited movement

The monitor can be moved back and front alone or closer or farther and that is it.

Arms cannot fully collapse parallel to each other

Some people have a hard time getting the arms to successfully collapse in such a way that they are parallel to each other.



This is a mount that can be expected to do what it is expected to do. Still, one must understand that the feature of the device can be a little limited. At the price that it is offered though, one will find that it is actually worth every penny spent. It is sleek and it is straightforward. It can definitely help elevate monitors better so you can work better without having to always deal with strained eyes and back.

VIVO Sinlge LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand











  • Can be swiveled and rotated
  • Reliable C clamp
  • Cable management system


  • Limited movement
  • Arms cannot fully collapse parallel to each other

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