Wali Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Dual Monitor Stand Review

wali dual monitor stand

Dual Monitor Stand WALI Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount

Wali Electric is offers the best price for quality television accessories, adapter, hard drive tray, and home security. It is one of the leading manufacturers of quality dual monitor stand as well. After all, there is no one more suitable to manufacture the said office furniture than the ones who actually know what the consumers need in this department – and that is Wali Electric.

If you plan to trust in the Wali Electric for your dual monitor stand requirement, then you have to find out what their best offering is. The one that you should seek is the Wali dual LCD monitor desk mount stand. It is an adjustable stand fitting two screens easily. Here are the other features to enjoy with the said stand.


Features of WALI Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount

Compatible Electronics

There are numerous electronics that is compatible with the said stand. It can easily fit most LCD, panel TV, flat screen, monitors, and plasma as long as it is anywhere between 13 inches to 27 inches. It has patented detachable plates with adjustable height. Moreover, it showcases a heavy duty C-clamp integrated into a 2-stage locking system. It is compatible with desks that have a thickness of 4.5 inches.

Double Benefits

This dual monitor stand easily doubles the productivity and efficiency of the work place, making doing work more comfortable. The said stand will easily open up space in your desktop. There is also a plethora of adaptable positions suitable for your monitors.

Sturdy Construction

The Wali dual LCD monitor desk mount stand is made from high grade materials. The said materials these ensure stable and strong connection with the display screen. It has an elegant engineering design which gives the work space a sleek and modern appeal. Installing the Wali dual LCD monitor stand is also a piece of cake.


+ Pros


Starting from the monitor arm, the dual monitor stand has an easily adjustable feature. This feature is what gives you a more comfortable and ergonomically correct display position.

Multiple Adjustments

The arms easily retract and extend. Tilting allows changes in the reading angles. You can rotate the dual monitor stand from landscape mode to portrait mode too. It is easy to adjust this stand according to what is comfortable for you.


– Cons

Arms Do not Move Individually

When adjusting the arms, you cannot do it individually. You will only be able to move it up or down on the vertical post with its entire arm section.

Longer Installation

Installing the said stand is easy. However, it might take a long time for the installation to be completed. The nuts can take quite a bit of time before it can be tightly screwed.



The WALI Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount is definitely a top-of-the-line monitor desktop stand worth considering when you are looking for a stand to use in the office. With its easy-to-adjust features, you can definitely take the most out of it in terms of ergonomics. It will be worth the money to invest in the features of the said desktop stand.

WALI Dual Monitor Stand











  • Easy-to-Adjust
  • Multiple Adjustments


  • Arms Do not Move Individually
  • Longer Installation

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