Fenge DT106001WB Computer Monitor Riser Review

Fenge DT106001WB Computer Monitor Riser

It is always a problem to a lot of computer users on how they can get their monitors to be raised towards a level that will allow them the best working view when in front of their monitors. Working with a monitor that is too low or too high can really strain the eyes. This is why FENGE has come up with a monitor riser that can help address this concern.
What the Fenge DT106001WB Computer Monitor Riser monitor mount offers is a unique structure. It has an open display shelves and rack that will make it possible for the user to not only place a monitor on top of it. The design is also made in such a way where it is possible for the user to display any decorative accessories on top. This is a device that offers not only a good price, but a very effective functionality and the ease of its assembly.


Offers Space-saving Storage

A laptop can be stowed underneath the monitor mount. This is a good thing as this ensures that a user can save a lot of storage space when using the mount as the space underneath it can be used for storage purposes.

Open Shelf

This monitor mount features an open shelf. This makes it a very good choice when used as an entertainment system. You can choose to add an entertainment monitor on top and the storage space underneath can be used as storage for the satellite or the DVD box.

Efficient Weight Capacity

This is a device that is able to hold a considerable amount of weight. It is able to carry as much as 33 pounds of monitor weight on top.

Raises monitor to appropriate viewing height

A user will find that it is easier to successfully get the monitor to the right viewing height with the help of this monitor mount. The desk is adjustable as far as height goes. So, it is possible to have it raised or lowered depending on the height that you think is going to be most comfortable for you.

Can be used for multiple purposes

It is important to note that this is a unit that is not only going to be used for computer monitors. This is also a perfect unit that can be used as a TV stand, making it perfect for your entertainment system.


+ Pros

Easy to assemble

This is a monitor mount unit that will have a very straightforward design, getting it assembled is going to be easy.

Can be stacked

You can choose to stack two or more of the monitor mount. A lot of people often do so when getting their entertainment system set up.

Can help organize your desk

The space underneath allows for extra storage space.


– Cons

Typical construction

Does not come in a very fancy design. The unit looks quite straightforward, but is definitely not cheap-looking.


This is a monitor mount that can be expected to do what it is expected to do. Affordable and efficient, this is a very sturdy monitor stand that can be used to elevate not only your computer monitor, but your television as well. It is sturdy and it is easy to assemble and is definitely going to allow users to have an easier time getting it set up.











  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be stacked
  • Can help organize your desk


  • Typical construction

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